Effective and Efficient Cloud-Based bookkeeping for Kiwi Businesses and Start Ups

Paperless bookkeeping + App

100% paperless bookkeeping making your desk clutter free and giving you the most simplistic, digitally advanced management of your books, ever. Oh, and it's in the palm of your hand also. 


Request your invite below. Your finances will have never looked better and will thank you for it.

Doing what you love shouldn't come second to balancing the numbers.  Each month, your finances will be completely optimised, compiled and provided in simple reports, by hand, and in app.

 What's more, for the first 30 days we'll manage your books, clean your Xero account and make your numbers cleaner than the All Blacks winning record, completely for free. No scam or fine print, your first 30 days are free with no commitment. We believe in this service so much, we're willing to bet a whole month on it. 

Personal Accountants

Get access to your own personal team of dedicated accountants with years of experience and a keen eye for what's costing you money. Know exactly what your money is up to at all times

24/7 Eyes on your health

Multiple pairs of experienced eyes tracking your businesses financial health, ready to pounce if any discrepancies arise. It's like having a doctor on hand, 365 days a year

Request your invite now!

We hate spam as much as you do.

We're willing to talk to anyone from any business with any level of help needed. Don't be shy, we're here to provide value, not scams. We'll be in touch super soon. 


We're looking for companies who want 5 hours of extra time a week

Did we mention your first 30 days are free?

We believe so much in our service, we're going to give you your first 30 days or our service absolutely free

There's no gimmick, no sneaky fine print, it's 30 days for us to prove to you how beneficial it is to have someone else manage your books. 

And if you don't think after 30 days that you need us? We'll leave your books neat and tidy for you to resume. That's our promise.

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